1. I wish I wasn’t alone tonight


  2. Anonymous said: I hope you feel better sweetie!

    Thanks dear. I hope I can sleep off the sad again…

  3. invertebreet:

    Into it


  4. i’m gonna try to sleep

  5. femmedilemma:

    I look cute but i am actually perpetually angry


  6. oh god here come all the bot accounts

    fuck. at least i’ve gotten like ten followers in an hour.


  7. f-ni said: bojack is about how hard it is to be super rich

    it wasn’t that funny to me either. like i didn’t even get half way


  8. Anonymous said: An anon. I suggested it along with Bojack

    Oooo I think i remember you (sorry my memory ain’t that great)

    i remember getting rec’d Bojack


  9. Anonymous said: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF TPB?? (yelling because excited you took my suggestion)

    its really good :3

    i forget who suggested it to me besides rob


  10. officialjeffgoldblum:

    if i was president i’d cancel october just to piss people off

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  11. Gillian Anderson United Front


  12. sludgewave420 replied to your post:i haven’t watched the x-files and i’m really bad…

    cute is an understatement

    I think Gillian Anderson’s beauty is the only thing that can unite the left


  13. I’m going to watch the xfiles soon, apparently its on netflix

    and i’m midway in TPB and i’ll need to watch something after that :3


  14. i haven’t watched the x-files and i’m really bad with names, but the woman who plays Scully is really cute

  15. I would be three of those lighters if Scully wanted a smoke tbh

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